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                              Map of Cuba

                              Map of Cuba

    History of Cuba
    History of Cuba provides with a detailed description of the different important historical phases that gave birth to the Island State of Cuba. The History of Cuba is rather very rich that has lots of important political events to relate.

    Spanish Rule in Cuba
    The island was first explored by Christopher Columbus in 1842. During this phase, Cuba was inhabited by the Tainos or the Arawak. However, the Spaniards under Diego Velásquez were successful in establishing settlements in different parts of the island. This turned Cuba into a Spanish colony. Under the Spanish rule, sugar and tobacco industry expanded. This industrial expansion also increased the demand for slaves. Finally, slavery was banned in Cuba in 1886. The United States intervened with the Spanish rule and finally it brought to an end in 1898. The signing of the Treaty of Paris by Spain signified the end of Spanish rule in Cuba. The treaty also declared Cuba's independence.

    Important Historical Events in Cuba
    This was followed by the capture of Cube by United States in 1902. Cuba was granted its independence under the control of United States which did a lot for the economic resurgence of Cuba. However, this peaceful relationship between US and Cuba was affected by the revolution which was lunched by Fidel Castro against the US rule. This led US to severe ties with Cuba while Castro entered into an alliance with Soviet Union with the hope of getting meaningful support from the latter. Next important incident was the Cuban Missile Crisis which took place in 1962. However, Soviet support for Cuba ended with the collapse of communism in 1990.

    Present Status of Cuba
    In October 2006 it was officially declared that the political power of Cube was transferred to Castro's brother, Raul, on account of Castro's chronic illness. This discussion of the History of Cuba helps to understand the political significance of the evolution of Cuba.

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