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Ary Rodriguez performs at the Bayamo Music Festival in April 2010
Ary has won two important awards at a large music festival in Bayamo. This event is called “Sindo Garay” and is the largest and most important music festival held every two years in the province. Ary won the prize for the best performance – the best singer in the festival. This is the third consecutive time Ary has won this festival, and she has set a record by doing this. She also won first place for the song that she sang and has been shown on national television in Cuba.

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Video 1: Ary 1 in Pilon April 2012 Spanish
Video 2: Ary 2 in Pilon April 2012 Spanish
Video 3: Ary 3 YESTERDAY in English -Pilon April 2012
Video 4: Ary cantando en La Terraza el domingo
Video 5: Ary a dúo. La bayamesa
Candid pictures of Ary

Ary Rodríguez

Her complete name: Arinledy Rodríguez García. Ari has the gift of a sweet, beautiful and powerful voice and has enjoyed an interesting life. She was born August 24,1975, in Ciego of Ávila, a Province located in the centre of Cuba, the daughter of a labourer.Ary Rodriguez As a small child she listened to her parents and aunts singing in family gatherings. They noticed her natural talent and realized she was gifted in music. At the age of 6 her parents took Ary to the House of Culture in their native town. There she received technical advice and she began to sing in competitive events, obtaining prizes in song competitions. She recorded several programs for the radio and Cuban television. This continued into her teen years.

She went to the city of Bayamo at the age of 15 after winning a scholarship to study music for four years. Ary spent these years away from her family, getting home only occasionally. She graduated in the specialty of Direction Choir, and was selected in 1994 to work in the House of Culture in Bayamo. There she worked with very young, juvenile and mature choirs. The choirs she trained had excellent municipal, provincial, and national results and also even at the international level. One of her young students was selected to participate in the Festival Zequino of Gold in Italy. He successfully represented all Cuba in this great event.

At the same time she sang in Church choirs, which allowed her to develop her skill as a soloist. With her love for and connection with young people, she organized Youth Festivals in the Granma province. These memoirs resulted in more than 10 CDs being recorded for the history of Cuba. Today many of her students are devoted to professional music.Ary Rodriguez They admire Ary very much, and they appreciate and thank her.

Later in the year 1999 Ary entered the University of Santiago de Cuba and in 2004 she was a Graduate in Education with a Speciality in Music. This means she was a Professor of Music. She began to work in Music's professional School and in the School of Instructors of Art, as teacher of Direction and Song Choir. She was also a tutor at the University Headquarters in Granma.

At night she sang in the cabaret for adults and on weekends, she worked singing in youth shows, next to clowns and other entertainers. As a professional singer Ary has obtained outstanding results in competitive events. In the years 2006 and 2008, she received the best performer prize in the Festival Sindo Garay, and in 2007, it was the prize of popularity in the Festival Shanny Chelacy. Among her achievements she also has programs on the radio and on television. Ary has recorded three Cds, one of Christmas music, and two of Cuban traditional music, including some songs of international repertoire, all under the teacher's musical direction Arturo Leyva Heredia. Ary is a specialist of voice and when musicians get a group together, they consult Ary on how to put the various voices together.

Ary RodriguezAry has been singing for 2 years with the band the “Cuban Sextet” in the Club Amigo Marea del Portillo in Manzanillo, Cuba. She sings traditional Cuban music and some songs in English. She has a varied and rich repertoire that includes songs of international flavour. All the band members are big exponents of the autochthonous (popular cuban lyrics) music.

Ary, is a talented, gregarious, wonderful lady with a fantastic voice. She is married and the dream of Ary and her husband is to have a family. All those that know her, want continued success and a fulfilling life for the great artist that is Ary Rodríguez.

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